AtMa Autotech Automation Solutions works intimately with its clients keeping in mind the end goal to create solid arrangements. Our inner procedures including client engagement are a benchmark over the business. We offer arrangements in view of client needs, considering item variations, creation volume and level of automation.

Types Of Solutions Offered

Fully Automatic lines (Linear & Rotary Index)

Lean assembly cells & Semi automatic lines.

Test rigs (Performance Test, Functional Test, Leak Test, etc)

Vision based system

Robotic Welding cell

Robotic Assembly Lines

Bin Washing Machine

Universal Joint Assembly

Door Hinge SPM

Meter Testing Machine

Ball Joint Torque Testing Machine

Talbros Ball Joint Testing Machine

Ball Joint Testing Machine

Atma Depth Checking Machine

Hot Insert Robotic Machine - Sogefi

Pressure Burst & Marking Station Testing Machine

Oval Tube Calibration & Testing Machine

Ball Joint Rotation & Oscillation Torque Testing Machine